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LT Special

It was built for a customer in Holland, top Jaguar man Ben Kolvenbach. In aluminium, it's a real beauty.

Shorten doors, fully widened sills, removed battery boxes, scalloping for bucket seats, increasing cockpit by 2" to enable 6' + people to be able to drive 120's more comfortably. Shorten boot lid, with drop down spare wheel area. Centre cock pit bar for more rigidity in body. Shorten bonnet. Air intakes to front of car for carb air box.

Air intakes to front of car for braking systems. Louvers to the side of front wings & rear of rear wings. Louvered bonnet, battery box fitted underneath wing as in 140 ots. Aero screens and cover plates for remaining holes.

4 point roll cage for racing. Bracing to rear of car for seat belts. Twin monza caps one to feed extra tank. 2 head fairings.