Leaping Cats Limited

Award Winning XK Specialist


John has been in the business of XK's for nearly 50 years. He started as race mechanic for the Weston Park race team, then moved to workshop manager for Graig Hintons Leaping Cats before taking over the ownership well over 45 years ago (time flies). John has forgotten more about XK's than most people will ever know'. They are his life and love. If this wasn't his job it would still be his life. John's own XK won fastest at the Jabekke 50 year celebration, and most coveted car in show. Of which he was very proud as it shows some of best work, with shortened bonnet, light weight body and many other features that make it a very special car. We also have our own tool room therefore manufacturing many of the small machined parts we sell alongside many special extras and upgrades to these fine cars. We also undertake repair and restoration work on other classic and rare cars given our experience and knowledge both private and trade customers seek our help.




Leaping Cats did some excellent work, extremely creative to a very, very high standard. - Nigel Dawes, XK collector, recognised expert.

In the twenty years that I have owned my XK, I must have tried all the shoddy so called specialist in London receiving large bills with substandard work.  When i saw a feature in the XK mag praising your craftmanship & reasonable prices.  I decided to pay a visit.  When I entered your premises I knew I was in the XK heaven seeing NUB 120 in your workshop "This is the place for my total rebuild".  John I would like to thank you & your team for a 1st class job & you're a nice guy too does that cost me extra.  My car will only be looked after by Leaping Cats for the future & thanks again.

From Billy Reilly, London night club owner & car collector

You & your team must feel a real sense of achievement & pride in the major contribution you have made to keeping these fabulous cars alive & well, in fact, in far better shape that when they came off the production lines some 50 odd years ago.

Richard Hotston; Collector, commissioned L C ltd to rebuild the John Loyns car

The car is absolutely spectacular and a real jaw dropper....you did a remarkable job that produced one gorgeous automobile.

Patrice Caillat, Swiss business man/keen collector

You are always busy to uprate your quality in order that you can deliver top class quality, I do much appreciate your passion to do so. - Tom Zwakman: Trade business in The Netherlands

No one can compete with Leaping Cats, John Brown.  He's nice to deal with & makes good quality panels.  I've bought lots of panels from him and am very pleased.  No other interest than helping restorers like myself. -
Christer Larsson, Sweden; Jaguar driver's club.  Restorer