In the twenty years that I have owned my XK, I must have tried all the shoddy so called specialist in London receiving large bills with substandard work.  When i saw a feature in the XK mag praising your craftmanship & reasonable prices.  I decided to pay a visit.  When I entered your premises I knew I was in the XK heaven seeing NUB 120 in your workshop "This is the place for my total rebuild".  John I would like to thank you & your team for a 1st class job & you're a nice guy too does that cost me extra.  My car will only be looked after by Leaping Cats for the future & thanks again.

From Billy Reilly, London night club owner & car collector
You & your team must feel a real sense of achievement & pride in the major contribution you have made to keeping these fabulous cars alive & well, in fact, in far better shape that when they came off the production lines some 50 odd years ago .

Richard Hotston; Collector, commissioned L C ltd to rebuild the John Loyns car.
The car is absolutely spectacular and a real jaw dropper....you did a remarkable job that produced one gorgeous automobile.

Patrice Caillat, Swiss business man/keen collector
You did some excellent work, extremely creative to a very, very high standard. - Nigel Dawes, XK collector, recognised expert.
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You are always busy to uprate your quality in order that you can deliver top class quality, I do much appreciate your passion to do so. - Tom Zwakman: Trade business in The Netherlands
No one can compete with Leaping Cats, John Brown.  He's nice to deal with & makes good quality panels.  I've bought lots of panels from him and am very pleased.  No other interest than helping restorers like myself. - Christer Larsson, Sweden; Jaguar driver's club.  Restorer
Originals held at Leaping Cats