With our wide range of skills we can create specials & one-offs
Here are one's we made earlier

Alfa Romeo TZ1 Restoration
This car has had years of dents & scrapes on the track. 
It was brought to us for a complete body overhaul.

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John at Wappenbury hall,  the home of the Lyons family.
This shows the beautiful lines & curves of the 120.
A truly magnificent example of Jaguar engineering rebuild.

This is the car at Wappenbury hall the family home of Sir William Lyons.
JWK 651, we made serious repairs to the body shell
it is one of the most famous
XK 120's.

Dealing with a car with such heritage as JWK; We went over the car with a fine tooth comb correcting and updating the car.
The front end all done, the rear end taking
shape awaiting the tonneaus and boot lid.
New wood frame built for the rear of the car &
new louvered side wing in place.
Shutfaces and hinge face panels replaced.
The wood stained for protection.

We can see here how damaged the rear end
really was, the wood almost rotted away.
The front wings and fairing panel needed most serious
work, we can see here how distorted the front end was.
JWK, nearly stripped ready for the restoration to begin.

This is the LT Special

It was built for a customer in Holland, top Jaguar man Ben Kolvenbach. In aluminium, it's a real beauty.
Shorten doors, fully widened sills, removed battery boxes, scalloping for bucket seats, increasing cockpit by 2" to enable 6' + people to be able to drive 120's more comfortably.  Shorten boot lid, with drop down spare wheel area.  Centre cock pit bar for more rigidity in body.  Shorten bonnet.  Air intakes to front of car for carb air box. 
Air intakes to front of car for braking systems.  Louvers to the side of front wings & rear of rear wings. Louvered bonnet, battery box fitted underneath wing as in 140 ots.  Aero screens and cover plates for remaining holes.
4 point roll cage for racing.  Bracing to rear of car for seat belts. Twin monza caps one to feed extra tank. 2 head fairings.

John's 140

John’s 140 in undercoat
John’s 140
John’s 140
John's 140 starting the speed trials at jebbekke
John's 140, rear end being welded up, the lightweight aluminium body made it easy to turn & hold the panels.
John with Paul Skiliter in
an XK convoy at Jebekke
XK 140 with modifications.
Built for the 50th
anniversary of the
XK120 speed trials in
Jabbeke Belgium in 1949...

All aluminium body shell produced by Leaping Cats @ the Hinckley premises for Guy Broads Parts. 1 of many we made for them.

Nigel Dawes shows
the alloy 120 body
shell alongside one of
the fixed heads we
worked on
Monza filler in one of
his fixed heads
Nigel had very clear ideas
of the modifications he wanted.  Only too willing to please; louvers in this FHC bonnet
A monza filler cap and bowl were part of the modifications Nigel wanted in this FHC

Early steel 120 OTS off to MCT for trimming.
Bespoke Alloy 120 for Nigel Dawes


This fine example of an early XK 120 has been fully rebuilt over the past two years.  Its nearly finished, we are most proud of it.  The car is tripped, sent for shot blasting so we can see the full extent of the damage & restoration needed.
The rebuild starts with cutting away the rotten metal, etch priming & making up new panels to fit.  The bonnet is repaired doors
re-skinned & aligned.
The most time consuming part of a rebuild is the body fit then the bolt on parts, aligning everything, and of course making sure it runs as lovely as the day it came off the track.